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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Q MISS Professional Hair Treatment Spray (GERMANY) 200ML - Free Delivery!!!

Sale RM60 only,Free Delivery!!!.

Q.MISS Hair Treatment Spray from Germany
 -Suitable for All type of hair.
 -After perming, rebonding, colouring and styling can leave your hair looking
 damaged or dry,
From Q.MISS-TREATMENT SPRAY, which combined the benefit of Moisturizer and
Nutrition that can intensive hair repair, smoother and healthy-look. And also
good smell on your hair. Its long lasting.
After cleaning with shampoo and towel dry, spray it through your hair and
styling. Can be used to dry hair.

Specification: 200ml
Origin: Made in Germany
Ingredient: Deionized Water, Aqua, Cyclomethicone, Cetrimonium Chlorine,
Methylchoroiso-thizolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, Cetyl Alcohol.
Effect: Nourishing, Moisturizing, Protection Against Sun Screen

Directions: Spray onto dry ends hair.
Q.Miss Hair Treatment Spray ♥ 营养精华素 - 保湿,控油,防止头发打结,修复发质,效果一级棒
无需担心,在家洗后用上Q.MISS Treatment Spray,让您的秀发一整天都在做护理~
用了很滑的,头发湿涂的话容易打理,干涂效果较明显,而且不油腻,很干爽。很适合干燥和毛躁的发质哦~ 无论直发或卷发都适合用的。
立刻见效Q miss来自德国
喷了它后,防打结防开叉发尾之外本人喷了12个小时,头顶出油,发尾没出油,只因为我 Q miss 喷在发尾而已。因此而证明这个喷了后效果真的不会容易出油哦。
干湿喷比较滑,湿喷防打结,这产品是针对头发干燥又懒惰去做护理的顾客,而且不油。喷上去就已经做着护发了,修复的功效。脸出油,头发都还没出油哦。个人名誉担保好产品 ~ !! ♡♥♡
【规格】 - 200ml/支。
【使用方式】 - 喷在干的发尾,用手拨一下,最后用中风吹干就好了。
【原产地】 - 德国
【适用发质】 - 任何发质。
【注意事项】 - 建议将此商品放置于阴凉处,勿直接照射阳光。请置于婴幼儿无法取得处以避免误食;使用后如有任何不适或持续红肿现象,应立即停止使用并洽询专业医师;皮肤有受伤、红肿现象时不建议使用;皮肤敏感者,使用前请先做皮肤局部敏感性测试,无刺激反应方可使用。

Monday, 8 September 2014

NEW Castle Kitchen - Sale


NOW RM50 .
Its For RM70 .

brand new in the box.

retail price RM119.90

comes v music n light.

included acc as pic.


Capella 2 side baby Stroller

let go RM190 only.
used in good condition.
clean n ready to used.
Product Description :
complete set
* Opens easily with one hand
* Fully recline position. Suitable from newborn till 18kg
* Adjustable full canopy
* Convenient carry strap for traveling
* 3-point safety harness
* Removable seat cover for washing 
* Removable front bar
*Convenient storage basket underneath
* Net window in canopy for viewing sleeping baby

Friday, 5 September 2014

New Alphabet Mat 36pcs in the Bag


NOW RM49 .

Its For RM80 .

brand new in the bag.
 26pcs A-Z and  Free extra 10pcs random alphabet .
so total 36pcs in the bag.

My First Art Studio Desk & Easel Set - Sale



 NOW RM140 .

Its For RM160 .

brand new in the box.
good quality.
includes accessories with magnet,

New Big Lil Chef Funny Kitchen with 2 Side comes With Sound & Light -Sale!!!

NOW RM180 .

Its For RM200 .

market price RM399.90

This 2 little models its my husband grandchildren....between 2 to Q right!!!

                          65pcs accessories&play food included as picture!!!
comes w light n sound.
2 slide can play with~~~

encourages imaginative multi-child play!
Weight :7 kgs

Size : L-66 X W-45 X H-92

New Little Master Sewing Machine & Iron Set - Sale


NOW RM45 .

Its For RM80 .

market price RM129.90
brand new in the box.
mini home appliance series.

little masters Toy Sewing machine is functional , illuminated audio works like a real.
Popular girls toy sewing machine is on battery. Great toy for little girls who love to sew for my dolls.
Children sewing machine is suitable for girls from 3 years old. The sewing machine is functional and very safe toy.
Sewing machine has a hinged top handle for carrying. needle can be lifted up, down - as needed

Toy iron is functional with vibration.come with iron board. Great toy for little girls.

The children will know how to help do the housework and form the habbit  of hardworking.
Its the best gift for mother to sent the children.
From now on your children will keep house happily!